Beta Update Channel:
Notice: This is the BETA update channel.
Bugs may still occur in versions recieved by this channel.
Change your update-channel in the "Help"-menu of the main window.

Version 2019.04.23.0

  1. [bugfix] editing multiple omicron matrix files lead to a crash
  2. [bugfix] the selected columns of the spectroscopy channel viewer were reset when switching between single file and multiple file view

Version 2018.07.08.0

  1. [bugfix] selection of multiple spectroscopy files
  2. [bugfix] filters of scan channels were not saved correctly

Version 2017.11.22.0

  1. [new] NanoQT file format included

Version 2017.07.27.0

  1. [improved] display the axis range in new preview images in the data browser
  2. [improved] display three file parameters in the scan images
  3. [bugfix] Y-axis channels are now selected correctly again
  4. [bugfix] fixed an anchor in the gif animation creator
  5. [bugfix] fixed a crash that occured when a file changed on the disk

Version 2017.04.10.2

  1. [new] SpectraFox file format (.sfd)
  2. [new] export possibility of grid spectra to SFD files
  3. [new] separate data explorer for grid files
  4. [new] gif animation generator for multiple scan images
  5. [improved] the scan image file viewer has now a new tab showing all header properties
  6. [improved] the scan image viewer can now display an arbitrary property embed in the image
  7. [improved] fixed that values above the max/min intensity value in the image plots were plotted transparent
  8. [bugfix] scan for compatible files now continues, if a broken file was found
  9. [bugfix] Nanonis files with more complex units in the headers are recognized correctly

Version 2017.03.09.0

  1. [improved] the cache file is now stored in a background thread, not blocking the UI-thread anymore
  2. [improved] the cache file is now stored in a compressed way (spectrafox.sfcc)
  3. [improved] the spectroscopy file viewer has now a new tab showing all header properties
  4. [import] Nanonis files compatibility increased
  5. [export] IGOR wave file

Version 2017.02.09.0

  1. [improvement] added a delete option to the data column rename tool - thanks to Laetitia Farinacci

Version 2017.01.18.0

  1. [bugfix] Nanonis z-spectroscopy: some meta data was not correctly read out

Version 2016.12.06.0

  1. [bugfix] summing a column to another failed

Version 2016.10.07.0

  1. [bugfix] current force deconvolution - fixed a bug for non-cropped data

Version 2016.10.05.0

  1. [bugfix] Nanonis import failed, if files were recorded with the high speed gain
  2. [bugfix] Createc columns were named hard coded with dI/dV for ADC3 channels
  3. [new-alpha] NanoObserver images are can be loaded