Stable Update Channel:

Version 2019.04.23.0

  1. [bugfix] editing multiple omicron matrix files lead to a crash
  2. [bugfix] the selected columns of the spectroscopy channel viewer were reset when switching between single file and multiple file view

Version 2018.07.08.0

  1. [bugfix] selection of multiple spectroscopy files
  2. [bugfix] filters of scan channels were not saved correctly

Version 2017.11.22.0

  1. [new] NanoQT file format included

Version 2017.07.27.0

  1. [improved] display the axis range in new preview images in the data browser
  2. [improved] display three file parameters in the scan images
  3. [bugfix] Y-axis channels are now selected correctly again
  4. [bugfix] fixed an anchor in the gif animation creator
  5. [bugfix] fixed a crash that occured when a file changed on the disk

Version 2017.04.10.2

  1. [new] SpectraFox file format (.sfd)
  2. [new] export possibility of grid spectra to SFD files
  3. [new] separate data explorer for grid files
  4. [new] gif animation generator for multiple scan images
  5. [improved] the scan image file viewer has now a new tab showing all header properties
  6. [improved] the scan image viewer can now display an arbitrary property embed in the image
  7. [improved] fixed that values above the max/min intensity value in the image plots were plotted transparent
  8. [bugfix] scan for compatible files now continues, if a broken file was found
  9. [bugfix] Nanonis files with more complex units in the headers are recognized correctly

Version 2017.03.09.0

  1. [improved] the cache file is now stored in a background thread, not blocking the UI-thread anymore
  2. [improved] the cache file is now stored in a compressed way (spectrafox.sfcc)
  3. [improved] the spectroscopy file viewer has now a new tab showing all header properties
  4. [import] Nanonis files compatibility increased
  5. [export] IGOR wave file

up to Version 2017.02.09.0

  1. [improvement] added a delete option to the data column rename tool - thanks to Laetitia Farinacci
  2. [bugfix] Nanonis z-spectroscopy: some meta data was not correctly read out

up to Version 2017.01.02.0

  1. [bugfix] summing a column to another failed
  2. [bugfix] current force deconvolution - fixed a bug for non-cropped data
  3. [bugfix] Nanonis import failed, if files were recorded with the high speed gain
  4. [bugfix] Createc columns were named hard coded with dI/dV for ADC3 channels
  5. [fitmodel] introduced BCS triple gap fit model
  6. [new-alpha] NanoObserver images are can be loaded
  7. [third party] libraries updated

up to Version 2016.08.17.0

  1. [new] tool to merge two image files
  2. [new] added inelastic tip-sample convolution fit class
  3. [improvement] added customized automatic list refresh timer
  4. [improvement] included creep correction into the grid file plotter
  5. [improvement] added a button to remove all point marks of the spectra locations in the scan images
  6. [improvement] added export format Nanotec STP to the image viewer
  7. [export] added new export format for spectra (space separated values)
  8. [bugfix] the last used filter is now stored correctly
  9. [bugfix] sporadic crash during list refresh in a folder that gets new files got fixed
  10. [bugfix] added global angle offset to image merger tool
  11. [bugfix] fixed a rarely occuring bug in the value range selector histrogram
  12. [bugfix] fixed a bug in the data handling windows
  13. [bugfix] fixed a bug in the folder browser tree
  14. [bugfix] scrolling through the file list does not modify the plot colors anymore
  15. [bugfix] continuous list refresh on a folder that changes could lead to a sporadic crash

Earlier Changes:

up to Version 2016.05.16.0

  1. [new] opening of scan images in external viewers is possible now
  2. [new] new file type: spectroscopy grids (support so far for Nanonis files)
  3. [new] create antimated gifs in the grip plotter
  4. [new] Bruker AFM data support
  5. [improvement] finished basic handling of grid files
  6. [improvement] line scan plot now suuport limiting the plot range, and plotting to log10 basis
  7. [improvement] spectra locations in images are now showing the name of the spectrum on hovering with the mouse over the point
  8. [improvement] scan image viewer: clicking on the location of a spectrum now jumps to that spectrum
  9. [improvement] grid plotter: clicking on the location of a spectrum now jumps to that spectrum
  10. [improvement] grid plotter performance improved
  11. [improvement] added path-textbox in the folder browser to be able to open a path directly
  12. [improvement] backward channels in Createc files are now reversed during import
  13. [bugfix] fixed a minor bug in the interpolation function
  14. [bugfix] cache handling of files that consist out of multiple data files
  15. [bugfix] importing of files failed, if the file extension was modified in lower and upper letters
  16. [bugfix] fixed a bug introduced in the last dev-version on drawing scan images
  17. [bugfix] fixed a small bug in the numeric text box
  18. [bugfix] Fixed a crash occurring in the line profile selection, when being outside the image.
  19. [bugfix] No spectrafox.sfc cache file is written anymore to folders without data files.
  20. [bugfix] Summing data columns of different files was always taking the alphabetically first selected file as source file.

Version 2016.04.01.0

  1. [improvement] in-memory compression of the cache file to be able to manage larger projects
  2. [bugfix] Omicron import routine was setting the wrong unit to spectra's x-axis

Version 2016.03.31.0

  1. [import] Omicron Matrix spectroscopy and image files
  2. [import] Nanotec spectroscopy and image files
  3. [new] re-gauge tool for lock-in data which restores the physical dimensions by the given lock-in settings
  4. [new] AFM: force and current deconvolution tool for frequency modulated AFM experiments
  5. [improvement] rewritten backend for smoothing data
  6. [bugfix] rare crash occured on point selection
  7. [bugfix] On browsing through a list of scan image files the selected channel was jumping back to the first channel
  8. [bugfix] Rare crash when opening multiple instances of SpectraFox.

Version 2016.03.03.0

  1. [improvement] keyboard navigation in the folder browser further improved
  2. [improvement] selection of the columns to be plotted as preview allows now to select three preferred columns for x and y
  3. [improvement] the setpoint of image files is now read out and displayed in the entries
  4. [improvement] Z-controller settings of image files are now read out

Version 2016.03.01.0

  1. [improvement] added the possibility to activate the automatic display of multiple spectra
  2. [improvement] keyboard navigation allows in the folder browser to open a measurement folder by pressing "Enter"
  3. [improvement] The line scan plot now compares the value range, and not the number of points anymore. This allows plotting data with unequal point count.

Version 2016.02.16.1

  1. [new] tools to measure ranges within a spectrum
  2. [bugfix] monotonicity check of data was applied to non-cropped column values only
  3. [bugfix] cropping of data columns was not applicable to several files
  4. [third party] updated Math.NET library to ver. 3.11

Version 2016.02.15.0

  1. [improvement] added a menu button to open a non-linear fit model for multiple files and start the fit automatically

Version 2016.02.02.0

  1. [bugfix] fixed a bug in the tool for averaging of columns across several files

Version 2016.02.01.0

  1. [bugfix] fixed a bug in the spin flip IETS fit model: crashed due to recent changes in the fit backend

Version 2016.01.21.0

  1. [bugfix] fixed a bug in the data summation, that prevents the summation of a scalar value to multiple files

Version 2016.01.19.0

  1. [bugfix] Sometimes collapsing the "style"/"channel"/"data" settings-panels of the spectroscopy or scan image plots could result in panels that are not expandable anymore.
  2. [improvement] unified the plot interface between topography and scan images

Version 2016.01.18.0

  1. [new] included color-scheme preview to the color-scheme selection
  2. [bugfix] fixed GUI element in the spectral intensity plotter
  3. [bugfix] crash could occur in the spectral intensity plotter
  4. [bugfix] typos fixed

Version 2016.01.08.0

  1. [new] SpectraFox is now open source software! The license for new versions changed to the LGPLv3. Follow us on github:
  2. [bugfix] fixed discovery of vanished files in file cache

Version 2016.01.04.0

  1. [bugfix] fixed a cache file handling issue when dealing with large folders
  2. [bugfix] fixed a memory leak

Version 2016.01.01.0

  1. [new] spectral intensity plotter: plots a map of the spectral intensity of multiple spectra on top of a topography image (e.g. plotting of spectroscopy grids)
  2. [new] plotting of multiple topographies in one overview supported
  3. [new] line profile tool for topographies
  4. [new] stacking of spectra
  5. [improved] topography plotting optimized
  6. [improved] data cropping routine changed
  7. [improved] spectra location from CREATEC software now plotted correctly for images recorded with a rotation angle
  8. [improved] improvements in the data handling back-end
  9. [improved] cleaned up some windows to improve usability
  10. [bugfix] crash rarely occuring by navigation in the file-tree fixed

26.10.2015: Version

  1. [bugfix] sometime failing plugins could crash the software

23.10.2015: Version

  1. [new] Added a cache file to improve data handling for higher speed.
  2. [new] Added the possibility to rename data columns.
  3. [new] Tool for data summation across multiple files.
  4. [new] New fit function for the derivative of a Frota lineshape.
  5. [improved] Scan image plot interface has now a clearer UI
  6. [bugfix] Fixed the need for a huge time when selecting many files in a large folder.
  7. [bugfix] Changed the Fano fit-function.
  8. [bugfix] Fixed point markers of spectra that rarely crash the drawing.
  9. [bugfix] Fixed a crash that occured during selecting a data range.

10.08.2015: Version

  1. [bugfix] Many small bugs were fixed that users reported, and that lead to a crash.
  2. [upgrade] Upgraded to .NET 4.5 and some third-party libraries.
  3. [NEW] coupled non-linear data fit of two data-sets
  4. [NEW] point-selector in the data-explorer, for quick collection of characteristic data points
  5. [bugfix] fixed flickering when showing point values in the 2d-plot-library
  6. [NEW] tool for the reversion of the order of values
  7. [improved] tool-names shortened


  1. [new] name search in the file-list, to jump to a file
  2. [bugfix] bugfixed that avoided loading a file after refresh
  3. [bugfix] fixed a bug when loading broken Nanonis files


  1. [improvement] improved interpolation in non-linear fit


  1. [improvement] final version of the spin excitation IETS spectrum non-linear fit function ... cool!


  1. [fit-function] added a Fermi-Dirac distribution as a new step-like fit-function


  1. [improvement] optimized some parts under the hood


  1. [improvement] improved the point-value display in the curve plot
  2. [improvement] improved the the color display in the curve plotter, colors can now be chosen individually


  1. [new feature] filtering of the file list is possible, to find certain files easier
  2. [bugfix] scroll-bar size did not adapt properly on filtering the file-list


  1. [new tool] averaging of multiple columns in a single file is possible
  2. [new fit procedure] IETS fit procedure added (beta version!!!)
  3. [new feature] filtering of column names for faster selection possible
  4. [bugfix] some minor bug fixes
  5. [third party library] updated Math.NET library to new version


  1. [bugfix] some list entries were not loading properly when clicking on the refresh button


  1. [improvement] added a history in the folder-browser for a faster access to previously opened directories
  2. [improvement] The data-regauging procedure can now be limited to a certain range of values. Re-gauging can now also be done by given parameters that were obtained from a previous fit.
  3. [bugfix] Showing more than 10 graphs in the preview-image were .
  4. [improvement] contour-plots remember now to last used color-code


  1. [bugfix] increased the file export accuracy of the values to 7 digits
  2. [improvement] possibility to limit the number of maximum parallel threads in the non-linear fit-library
  3. [bugfix] non-linear fit settings were not keeping the changes made in the interface
  4. [bugfix] Jim Parsells fixed a bug in the third-party library ExpTreeLib, causing a sporadic crash


  1. [NEW] included a plugin system, that allows extending SpectraFox to your needs. E.g. you can now write your own fit-functions, using any .NET language. A tutorial will follow!
  2. [bugfix] fixed a crash sometimes occuring on refreshing the file-list


  1. [new] Switched to a new release system, which also allows separation of 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You can also decide whether to recieve the latest updates of the development branch, or just stable release updates.
  2. [improvement] pressing Ctrl-A or the up and down-key now scrolls the data-browser-list again.
  3. [bugfix] Fixed a major bug occuring on the selection of certain file-entries. The selection always jumped to some invisible entry more above in the list.
  4. [bugfix] fixed a bug in the pre-selection of data files in the folder browser
  5. [bugfix] fixed a bug in the resizing of the data list-entries

Because this is related to a major update, bugs may still occur. Skip this update, if you can not wait for possible bug fixes (e.g. finishing you thesis, etc.)!

  1. [bugfix] Fixed a memory leak, causing the program to crash after many list refreshs.
  2. [bugfix] fixed a bug, which occured on normalization of multiple data files
  3. [bugfix] the close button of the line-scan-plot did not work properly
  4. [bugfix] some minor improvements

Because this is a major update, bugs may still occur. Skip this update, if you can not wait for possible bug fixes (e.g. finishing you thesis, etc.)!

  1. [new / replacing] The old data browser had performance issues when processing many files. This is now fixed, by a brand new, and improved data browser. The list entries also show more information on the same space, and behave more adaptive to the available screen space.
  2. [improved] Improved the access to image filters. Prepared the software for many new filters.
  3. [improved] Extension files saved by SpectraFox (.sfx) are now written more reliably.
  4. [improved] File import now should consume less memory.
  5. [under the hood] Huge changes in the parallelization backend, to provide better performance on slower computers.
  6. [under the hood] Increased modularization of data treatment functions. By this new features can be written much faster, and in the future, the user can even write his own plugins.
  7. [under the hood] Update of third-party libraries to the newest version.


  1. [new] Added linear substraction filter to the scan-image viewer.


  1. [new] New tool for calculating the numeric derivative of spectroscopy-data.
  2. [improved] Possibility to change the size and style of the 2D-data plots.
  3. [backend] Updateed third party libraries.
  4. [bugfix] Line-scan plot had an error when working with some type of cropped data.
  5. [design] SpectraFox icon and start-screen changed.


  1. [bugfix] Fixed a bug in the GPU computing algorithm.


  1. [new] Added a queue to the non-linear fit tool. One can now add multiple fits that will run one after another automatically once set up.
  2. [improved] Removed some feedback dialogs when unnecessary to show (e.g. Import/Export success).
  3. [bugfix] Small error if an import/export of a non-linear fit-model was aborted.
  4. [bugfix] Data-Explorer (which shows individual spectra separately) exchanged the extended comment with the file-comment.


  1. [*new] Application file is now signed, to prevent changes, and increase security to your benefit. Prevents the Windows SmartScreen-filter to show up a warning.
  2. [bugfix] GPU computing failed to list OpenCL devices, if no NVIDIA card is used.


  1. [*bugfix] Nanonis topography was shown mirrored by 180 degree.
  2. [*bugfix] Images were not loaded, if the SFX extension file was empty.
  3. [bugfix] Automatic update check could result in a program crash, if a firewall is blocking the update-request.
  4. [bugfix] Error caused by multi-threaded operations, leading to a crash when opening the data-explorer has been fixed.
  5. [minor change] Non-linear fit window now remembers last used number of preview points.
  6. [bugfix] Fixed a small bug in an internal method (SGP).

Notice: 1) Convoluted FitModels will loose their compatibility to old import files (.fmx)!
2) Because this is a major update, bugs may still occur. Skip this update, if you can not wait (e.g. finishing you thesis, etc.) for possible bug fixes!

  1. [non-linear fit] Non-linear fits now have the ability to connect fit-parameters together, as well as to define boundaries in which the parameter values should lie.
  2. [non-linear fit] Now estimated standard errors of the inidividual fit-parameters get calculated.
  3. [under the hood] Huge changes in the fit-backend. Use of GPGPU acceleration on supported graphics cards for improved speed in some calculations.
  4. [non-linear fit] Preparations for universal convolution of two functions. (Internal testing in progress.)
  5. *[bugfix] Import of the fit-function had a small bug, also when using GPU computing and having a zero energy range selected, this resulted in an error.
  6. *[bugfix] Added GPU computation fallback error messages.


  1. [BRAND NEW] Established a new file-format (.sfx) to save changes made to spectroscopy-files and scan-images. Now all data generated by processing-tools gets saved. Thus it stays accessible after closing and reopening the program. The original source-file is NEVER affected by this, so that your files stay unchanged.
  2. [non linear fit tool] Fit-models consisting out of several individual functions can now register to generate an individual output-column for each function. E.g. fit-models that convolve several DOS will create a separate column for each DOS.
  3. [new NL-fit function] Added multiple polynomial fit function (can also be used as linar fit).
  4. [bugfix] Focus is now set back to the data-list after slide-out of the settings-panel.


  1. [bugfix] Export of cropped files created empty spaces for each cropped row.


  1. [new tool] Added data multiplier and divider. Allows multiplication by fixed factor or other reference column.
  2. [bugfix] Createc VERT/DAT: Spectroscopy location is now shown correctly in the scan-image viewer.


  1. [bugfix] Createc VERT: topography and z units were interpreted as nm instead of Angstrom, resulting in an offset by factor 10.


  1. [non linear fitting] NEW Nealder-Mead (Downhill-Simplex) fit-procedure with simulated annealing
  2. [non linear fitting] fit-procedure settings are now individual settable
  3. [bugfix] Nanonis Bias-Spectroscopy files recorded in "multi-segment"-mode showed the wrong point count
  4. [upcoming cool feature] preparations for the new cloud computing feature, that allows to fit data on other computers in the local network


  1. [internal] internal updates for some fit-functions.


  1. [multi-thread] Improved thread priority for fetching the preview- and file-details in the data browser.
  2. [folder-browser] Preselection of files to show in the data-browser is now possible by selection the files in the folder-browser. Thanks to Fabian Schulz for proposing.

Notice: because this is a major update, bugs may still occur. Skip this update, if you can not wait (e.g. finishing you thesis, etc.) for possible bug fixes!

  1. [bugfix] Createc: crash during loading of asymmetric files.
  2. [bugfix] Browsing through files during loading of individual entries could cause a crash.
  3. [bugfix] Fixed cropping all column with reference to a given column.
  4. [bugfix] Errors caused by multi-threading!

Notice: because this is a major update, bugs may still occur. Skip this update, if you can not wait (e.g. finishing you thesis, etc.) for possible bug fixes!

  1. [bugfix] The scan-image preview now shows the correct spectra locations for Nanonis-files!
  2. [scan-image] Added scale bar to the image to visualize dimensions.
  3. [line-scan-plot] Improved plotting of the line-scan, so processing is faster.
  4. [line-scan-plot] Now plotting an axis at the bottom, to provide scale information.
  5. [performance] Increased the data import speed from files by several percent.

Notice: because this is a major update, bugs may still occur. Skip this update, if you can not wait (e.g. finishing you thesis, etc.) for possible bug fixes!

  1. [UI Redesign] Complete redesign of the user-interface to use the screen space more effectively.
  2. [improvement] Scan-image drawing routine updated. Scale is now preserved correctly, and processing is faster.
  3. [Data-Cropping] It is now is possible to crop all columns with respect to a certain column, instead before just for the selected one.


  1. [bugfix] saving a linescan as image was not possible and resulted in a crash.


  1. [rebranding] Official re-branding to SpectraFox.
  2. [backend] Preparations for improved Levenberg-Marquardt non-linear fit procedure:
    Mark K. Transtrum, James P. Sethna, arXiv:1201.5885 [] (2012): Improvements to the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for nonlinear least-squares minimization"
  3. [backend] Preparations for Nelder-Mead non-linear fit procedure.
  4. [backend] Updated some third party libraries to the most recent version.


  1. [backend] Changed a lot in the non-linear fitting backend.


  1. [bugfix] Fixed a bug when exporting a line-scan contour plot to WsXM.


  1. [brand new] Added statistics calculation to the non-linear-fit-output.
  2. [brand new] Added several non-linear fit models (Lorentz, Exp., Fano).
  3. [brand new] Added the possibility to save the non-linear fit results.
  4. [brand new] Added the possibility to export and import a fit-project with several fit-models and their parameters.
  5. [bugfix] Non-linear multiple-function fitting now automatically fixes the YOffsets of the individual functions.

06.03.2013 (
Notice: because this is a major update, bugs may still occur. Skip this update, if you can not wait (e.g. finishing you thesis, etc.) for possible bug fixes!

  1. [bugfix] Fixed a crash that occurs on scrolling through the spectra-list with the arrow keys.
  2. [brand new] First beta version of the non-linear-fit tool. You can now fit a single or multiple non-linear curves to certain ranges of your spectra. The first version only contains a gaussian function. More will be added soon.
  3. [bugfix] Selection of ranges in the spectroscopy-viewer is now improved.

01.03.2013 (
Notice: because this is a major update, bugs may still occur. Skip this update, if you can not wait (e.g. finishing you thesis, etc.) for possible bug fixes!

  1. Fixed a crash during the startup of the program, that prevented the launch.
  2. Accelerated the drawing methods of the scan images.
  3. Now multiple spectroscopy-tables can be plotted in the preview image of the main window.
  4. Changed the back-end of the spectroscopy-table transfer pipe, that passes the data to the individual modules.
  5. Changed the column-selection in the spectroscopy-table preview boxes, to leave more space for the visualization of the data


  1. Fixed a bug in the export-wizard!


  1. Createc: Z and topography units are now displayed in the correct dimensions!


  1. Fixed a bug that leads the program to crash during initialisation after an update!


  1. Added a sorting functionality for the Spectroscopy-File-List


  1. LMA fit-routine rewritten
  2. Nanonis: Bias-Spectroscopy file had problems to show generated columns
  3. Createc: internal dI/dV channel was not shown
  4. Createc: fixed a crash of the program if the "measurement points"-colum is selected as X for plotting


  1. Program icons changed
  2. Fit-routine adapted
  3. Update function improved
  4. Switched to web-deployment of the application.


  1. Fixed failure when selected the Adjacent-Average-Smooth, and using the number of smoothing neighbors higher than the maximum of the Savitzky-Golay. (Thanks to Fabian Schulz for the bug-report.)
  2. Added measurement-point number to the X-columns of the data-files. (Thanks to Christian Lotze for the suggestion.)
  3. Fixed the WSxM export-function.


  1. BCS Double-Peak-Fit improved


  1. The main window has now several panes that can be collapsed to save space, if they are not needed.


  1. Increased Adjacent-Average-Smooth-Neighbors-Max. to 500.
  2. Improved Nanonis-SXM Spectrum-Location-Visualization in the scan-image viewer.


  1. Fixed a bug in the Cropping Tool, which appeared, if the values are recorded from from positive to negative X-values (descending).
  2. Fixed a bug in the Line-Scan-Visualization that plotted the contour-plot always the way recorded. If the values are recorded from positive to negative bias (descending) the plot would have to be mirrored before showing.
  3. Added automatic sorting by filename in the Line-Scan-Visualization on opening the window.


  1. Renamed "Renormalization" to "Regauge to Derivative"
  2. Included first back-end for fitting
  3. Added new window for cropping data to certain point indices in the "Data Manipulation"-section.


  1. Complete new Multi-Threaded-File-Handling under the hood.
  2. Files are now not loaded in advance, which speeds up the initial loading-procedure.


  1. New Createc-Scan-Image import routine.


  1. New ContourPlotting Routine. Changed ColorMaps for more modificability in the future.
  2. Line-Scan-Image Plotting now multi-threaded.


  1. Brand new interface.
  2. Improved Performance on Multi-CPU-System for drawing Scan-Images.
  3. Scan-Image-List now included with preview-images on the Main-Window.


  1. Added new LineScan-Tool with export possibility to WSxM.
  2. SXM topography image recognition and position markers should now be more precise!


  1. Fixed a problem with Createc-AFM-Files, where the topography column was originally saved in the z-column. Added now a separate Topography-Column, which solved the problem. (Bug discovered by Chris. Thanks!)


  1. Added Normalization-Tool for normalizing spectra to 1 taking certain reference data.


  1. Fixed problem mentioned by Gunnar in importing Createx-Version 2 files.


  1. Added Column-Value-Shifter-Tool.


  1. Fixed a possible issue with the reduction of points for the preview-images, and decreased the painted number of points in this mode to 3000.
  2. added automatic height adaption of rows in the file-list to the preview-images.


  1. fixed a STMAFM-VERT file issue with the number of measurement-points, when not all manipulation points are set.
  2. added possibility to reduce preview-image number of points